Training Schedule

Upcoming firearms training dates:

2018 Training dates:

  • February 17th          NRA Basic Pistol                                                              September 1st             NRA Basic Rifle
  • February 18th          NRA Personal Protection                                               September 15th         NRA Basic Pistol
  • March 3rd                NRA Basic Rifle                                                                September 16th         NRA Personal Protection
  • March 10th              NRA Basic Shotgun                                                         September 22nd        NRA Basic Shotgun
  • April 21st                 NRA Basic Pistol                                                              October 20th               NRA Basic Pistol
  • April 22nd               NRA Personal Protection                                               October 21st                NRA Personal Protection
  • May 19th                 NRA  Basic Pistol                                                              November 17th           NRA Basic Pistol
  • May 20th                NRA Personal Protection                                                November 18th           NRA Personal Protection
  • June 2nd                NRA Basic Rifle                                                                 December 1st               NRA Basic Rifle
  • June 9th                 NRA Basic Shotgun                                                          December 8th              NRA Basic Shotgun
  • June 16th               NRA Basic Pistol                                                               December 15th            NRA Basic Pistol
  • June 17th               NRA Personal Protection                                                December 16th            NRA Personal Protection
  • July 21st                 NRA Basic Pistol
  • July 22nd               NRA Personal Protection
  • August 18th           NRA Basic Pistol
  • August 19th           NRA Personal Protection

All classes start at 8:00 am.  If you would like to enroll in any of the above courses, simply contact us and we’ll reserve a spot for you. If you don’t see the course that you want listed or would like a different date, contact us and we may be able to add a new course.